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国際学士院大学(こくさいがくしいんだいがく、英称:The International Academy of Education University)は、ディプロマミル(学位工場)。「IAE大学」や「ニューヨーク国際学士院大学」と呼ばれることもある。

米国・ニューヨーク州の認可があると主張しているが、ニューヨーク教育省はそうした大学は存在しないと言っている。「米国・ニューヨーク州教育省の大学評価局へ国際学士院大学について問い合わせた結果」において、「国際学士院大学(IAE University)はニューヨーク州において学位を授与する権限を持っていません。」という回答が既になされている。


米国財団法人国際学士院 日本校

岩淵匡 - 早稲田大学教授(2007年3月に定年退職)
デューク更家 - ウォーキングドクター
※ 卒業生・修了生の詳細は外部リンク:健康本の世界を参照のこと


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岩淵 匡(いわぶち ただす、1937年1月 - )は、東京都生まれ。
早稲田大学教育・総合科学学術院教授(1978年 - 2007年3月31日)、文学博士(米・国際学士院大学)。漢字を専門とする国語学者である。父親は「岩波国語辞典」岩波書店の編者で、著名な国語学者である岩淵悦太郎。

早稲田大学のHPによると岩淵匡氏の職歴は以下の通りである。早稲田大学 では教育学部 所属。

1964年 - 1967年 早稲田大学 助手
1967年 - 1973年 早稲田大学 講師(専任)
1973年 - 1978年 早稲田大学 助教授
1973年 - 1976年 武蔵野女子大学 非常勤講師
1972年 - 1979年 東京女子大学 非常勤講師
1979年 - 1994年 武蔵野女子大学 非常勤講師
1981年 - 1994年 大妻女子大学 非常勤講師
1990年 - 1992年 国士舘大学 非常勤講師
1999年12月10日 アメリカ国際学士院付属大学から「漢字使用に関する史的研究」論文においてPh.D.を取得(1999年度 早稲田大学博士学位授与者)
2005年5月16日 文化審議会国語分科会委員

著書(編著も含む) [編集]
『日本文法用語辞典』共編 1989年 三省堂 ISBN 4385135851
『日本語学辞典』新版 共編 1994年桜楓社 ISBN 4273027941
『醒睡笑 静嘉堂文庫蔵本文編』共編 改訂版 1997年 笠間書院 ISBN 4305201178
『醒睡笑 静嘉堂文庫蔵索引編』共編 1998年 笠間書院 ISBN 430520116X
『日本語語源の楽しみ』(一)〜(五)2002年 岩淵悦太郎著、岩淵匡監修 グラフ社
『日本語の源流 言葉の歴史が語る日本語と日本人』佐藤美智代著、岩淵匡監修 2002年 青春出版社 ISBN 4413040414
『日本語反省帳間違いだらけのあなたの日本語』2004年 河出書房新社 ISBN 4309016073


1999年度 早稲田大学博士学位授与者
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Adam Smith University
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Adam Smith University is a controversial unaccredited private distance learning university founded in 1991 by Donald Grunewald, who is still its president.[1] Grunewald, a onetime president of Mercy College who was reported in 2004 to be a business professor at Iona College.[2] According to the university, the institution was founded on the principle of independence from state control, where it believes that control prevents it from furthering its mission.[1]

Currently, the institution claims to maintain a campus and offices at the ground floor of a Girls' Hostel in Monrovia, Liberia, under the direction of a former high school principal and with a Liberian board including two former Presidents of the University of Liberia. It rents these premises which, according to the university, have been converted into a suite of offices and classrooms where face-to-face instruction takes place.

According to the university, it has been accredited by the Liberian Ministry of Education since 1995, well before the most recent conflicts, and was accredited as a result of an act of the Liberian legislature.[1][3] Another controversial degree-granting institutions claiming Liberian approval is Saint Regis University.

However, in the United States this form of accreditation is not acceptable and the institution is not recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Also the institution is not on UNESCO's list of accredited schools throughout the world.[4] At one time, Adam Smith used accreditation by the unrecognized agency World Association of Universities and Colleges, and later Grunewald participated in founding another unrecognized accreditor, the International Association of University and Schools, but both of these affiliations were terminated before 2004.[2]

The university does not maintain a physical campus in the United States.[1] However, in 2004 the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that Grunewald had always run the university from his home in Connecticut,[2] and throughout its history it has used office address in a number of different United States states. The addresses moved as the states have successively tightened standards for degree-granting institutions that do not seek recognized accreditation.[2] These states have included Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana and South Dakota.[2] Adam Smith's current American mailing address is a private mail box in Garapan on Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth.[1] The website of Training and Advanced Studies in Management and Communications, Ltd., an education business in India that claims affiliation with Adam Smith University, states that Adam Smith is now based in Saipan.[3] Adam Smith University has announced the establishment of a French unit called École Supérieure Universitaire Adam Smith, which offers academic degrees for work experience.[5]

Controversy and criticism
Adam Smith University was listed in the 1995 publication "College Degrees by Mail: 100 Good Schools" by distance education consumer writer Dr. John Bear. Since that time, however, Bear has turned sharply critical of the school. In a 2002 post to the distance learning discussion board degreeinfo.com, he made light of their one-time claim "that their 29,000 book library was at their South Dakota campus (which was a mail forwarding service)." [6]

Steve Levicoff referred to Adam Smith University as a degree mill, and he noted that it operated in Louisiana due to the lack of laws of degree granting.[7] Adam Smith University and Columbia State University have the same address, which is "likely a mail forwarding address".[8]

Other critics have described Adam Smith University as a "diploma mill". Alan Contreras from the Oregon State Office of Degree Authorization (ODA), an agency of that state's government, called Adam Smith "a diploma mill with a long and unattractive history" in an article[9] written in a personal capacity. However, in 2005, he updated Adam Smith's listing on the ODA website to remove the term "diploma mill." This change followed the settlement of a lawsuit filed against ODA by the unaccredited Kennedy-Western University. Oregon has made it illegal to use in any professional context a degree from an institution not having what it judges to be the equivalent of regional accreditation in the USA. Adam Smith has refused to seek such accreditation, and consequently its degrees may not be used in that state.

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